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The Spoken Word Holds the Power to Awaken a Culture

I speak with enterprises, awakening their cultures through discovery, inspiration, and creativity. A vision of hope emerges, empowering each person to contribute to the enterprise through their own personal transformation. I also speak with college students to educate them about becoming eXpansive entrepreneurs, following their hearts, passions and visions for a better world.

Through formerly being on the Gallup Speakers Bureau, I evolved to become a highly engaging speaker, igniting awareness and building momentum for learning. My presentations inspire people about how to leverage their infinite potential in a business environment. This inspiration holds the power to inspire a culture to transform. My presentations may be strategically integrated with our advising and educational experiences, transforming leaders and cultures through an empowering process.

A majority of America’s company cultures have been stifled by leaders operating through the constrictive, obsolete, top-down business model. As a country, we’ve lost our sense of pride and hope. It’s time we shake things loose by inspiring ingenuity, collaboration, and innovation, flipping this obsolete business model on its head. My speaking engagement can be the milestone, within your enterprise, for this shift to begin…


My speaking engagements are generally one and a half (1.5) to two (2) hours in length. Though, can be modified to be as short as one (1) hour, to as long as three (3) hours. The longer the timeframe, the more interactive the experience becomes. Variables including venue, audience, goals, and time constraints play an important in determining the actual length.

Bo’s Inspiration-Based Perspective for receiving an“Exceptional Experience of Inspiration”


I guarantee my ability to inspire, as you compensate me based on the value you’ve received..


Upon booking the speaking engagement, $5,000 is due to confirm the date (except Prisons, see below), as well as cover my preparation and traveling expenses.


The balance is due within 10 days following the speaking engagement, based solely on the response as to how inspirational I actually was. It is purely your decision to pay me whatever you desire above and beyond the $5,000 you’ve already invested.


I encourage you to reference the guidelines below to ensure we have an aligned perspective. As mentioned, my clients compensate me based on their experience of value received. Therefore, I will gladly accept more than the guidelines below, and will humbly refund the original $5,000, if need be. This is a 21st century business practice based on fair exchange.


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