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The Written Word holds the Power to Transform People

As an accomplished brand advisor and author, I collaborate with CEOs to “ghostwrite” their vision for their enterprise, industry, and themselves in the form of a published book. This is a highly effective brand strategy tool for the employees, leadership and customers to align and connect with the vision, mission, purpose, and direction of the enterprise. This helps to build a unified and authentic culture through clarity and transparency. I also publish my own books to help people learn about how to transform themselves.

Through my GALLUP experience of advising Fortune 500 companies, I grew to realize just how challenging it is for CEOs to connect with the thousands of employees that comprise the culture. My gift is helping CEOs distill their thoughts into a vision, and then articulate the vision in a way that inspires their customers, employees, leaders, prospective customers, analysts, stockholders, media, and other constituents to align with the enterprise in a meaningful way.


CEO Ghostwriting engagements start at $25,000. The overall investment varies based on my level of involvement. I am blessed with the ability to produce the entire chain of production—from idea creation through to the publishing and marketing of the book. I guarantee my value per our Performance-Based Pricing Model—if I deliver less than “exceptional” results, then you pay based on your experience of value received. This is a 21st century business practice based on fair exchange.

Empowering People to Transform

I also publish books to help people learn about how to transform themselves in order to traverse to a new life of 21st living, which is an infinite existence, free of limitations, judgment, and fear. I also work with Authors, helping to build their platform, and do ghost writing for CEOs regarding their vision for the company.


Regenerating America Book Cover

Authors: Robert Lockwood & Peter van Geldern
Editor: Mindy Sykes
Cover Design: Peter van Geldern

The concepts offered by Lockwood and van Geldern, are a new paradigm that will revolutionize the way organizations operate leading to a regenerative economy and its people; globally.

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Preview Regenerating America


: Ann Emerson & Robert Lockwood
Foreword: D.B. Lichtstrahl
Editor: Mindy Sykes
Cover Art: Jacob Lichtstrahl
Cover Design: Robert Lockwood & Ann Emerson

ESSENCE offers a new lens, by identifying forty-four (44) aspects, through which you can see the world we live in with renewed clarity; thereby positively-changing your life.

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Purchase Printed Book ($20.14): Available Fall, 2014



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