Robert “Bo” Lockwood is a 21st Century Inspirational Speaker, espousing the most progressive strategies for organizations, their culture, and their leaders to thrive. Bo is also an author, brand advisor and educator. His life’s purpose is working collaboratively in Regenerating America.

Through Bo’s experience of being a Partner with the GALLUP Poll, being a successful business owner at a young age, and learning about human psychology in the workplace, he has acquired a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom about entrepreneurship. Through becoming spiritually aware, Bo views our business world from a completely new and eXpansive perspective. Through his own personal transformation, he coined and defined the term eXpansive Entrepreneurship.

Bo is the founder of Brand Authority Authentication, helping aspiring authors to achieve their purpose of getting their work out into the world. Having the major networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, & FOX) authenticate an author’s brand authority opens a doorway to a world of opportunity.

Bo is the co-founder of the OneVoicePoll, measuring people’s level of trust of government, industries, friends, family and self, as communities can only thrive when trust is embedded at the core of their exist. Our mission is to inspire the OneVoice of the World, and to reflect it back like a mirror image – clear HD granularity – unfiltered and free from any editor’s tampering. Take the OneVoicePoll Now.

Bo is the founder of, an inverted organization dedicated to emerging a regenerative economy by developing a new approach to entrepreneurial businesses aligned with Nature—with a special focus on a collaborative and reciprocating mentorship approach with Generation X and Y entrepreneurs.

Bo co-authored his first book, Regenerating America, which launched October 2013. He co-authored his second book, ESSENCE, A Gateway to eXpansive Living, which launched January 2014. He is also a Founding Member of the eXpansive Living Community, as well as the 21st Century Living Business Community.

Previously, Bo was a Partner with the GALLUP Poll, responsible for the overall creation, leadership and growth of The Gallup Institute for Campus Engagement (GICE). GICE’s mission helps to build student-centric, accountability-driven, and trust-based institutions. Prior to transitioning to his work in higher education, he consulted with Fortune 1,000 companies, such as Johnson & Johnson, Campbell Soup Company, Merck, Honeywell, The Vanguard Group, YORK International, and Sovereign Bank.

While being on the GALLUP Speakers Bureau, Bo has been a guest speaker at universities and government institutions, including Harvard University, United States Air Force Academy, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, Pennsylvania State University, Temple University, Nova Southeastern University, Drexel University, The Pentagon and Capitol Hill. His speaking engagements have also included corporate conferences, such as The Vanguard Group, NovaCare, Sovereign Bancorp, and YORK International. He also spoke at national conferences, including the Association of Governing Board’s National Conference on Trusteeship; the Thurgood Marshall College Fund’s National Pinnacle of Progress; the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools’ National Conference; Colleges and Universities Professional Association-Human Resources’ National Conference on Collaboration; and the Indiana University-Purdue University Assessment Institute Conference. In addition, he has been a guest on CN8 Money Matters Today and Emerald Planet TV.

Prior to GALLUP, Bo built and sold the largest special events company in Philadelphia, Continental-Lockwood Party Rental. With over 150 employees and 3 major warehouses serving the Philadelphia region, their clients included the Philadelphia Eagles, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Academy of Music, and Sports Illustrated at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. They were also heavily involved in the Philadelphia-based events for both the 1996 Clinton/Gore and Dole/Kemp Presidential campaigns.

Bo’s number one priority in life are his daughters. He continually encourages them to follow their intuition and dreams. His favorite sports are motorcycling, Bikram, rugby, sailing, and Jujitsu.

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Bo Lockwood

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Book Reviews

“I have learned the best way to predict your future is to create it. Regenerating America has taken into consideration the current economic times, and delivers a new, positive, regenerative, non-traditional business model with no limitations or glass ceilings, to help prospering entrepreneurs succeed in the new energy economy. Robert and Peter, I love the book and would recommend it to anyone.”

Micheal K. Murphy
Former National Manager of Quality Assurance and Standards
Sprint Corporation


Regenerating America describes how the people of are part of the wave of new consciousness and innovative thinking that is sweeping the world. These warriors of change strive to inspire society toward an age of creativity and abundance. They they are one organization, they join ranks with the millions of dynamic individuals who are forging the fastest and most profound social transformation of our time.”

Reverend Ann Emerson
Sanctuary of Sophia


Regenerating America describes a common sense approach to healing our planet through the banding together of Generation X and Generation Y entrepreneurs.’s inverted business model puts the primary focus right where it needs to be-on the client! They’ve masterfully defined the new paradigm for 21st century business…a paradigm in which every company in the U.S. needs to embrace!”

Carolina Pinheiro
Mass Communications Student
University of Bridgeport


“I felt regenerated and inspired after reading this book. The principles written about for a book on business also apply to our everyday lives and translates to a wonderful way of living life. I like the honesty of the author writing about how their company specifically does business and the application of their business principles. while I was reading the book, I felt that I could do this and did not feel overwhelmed. Regenerating America is a much needed way of doing business for all self employed persons and existing corporations. Workers wouldn’t have to go on strike to receive a better minimum wage if the corporation were applying the principles of Regenerating America.” It is common sense approach to doing business and will heal our planet in the process. How great is that!”

Shawna S.
Amazon Book Review


Regenerating America  is a wonderful map to Win-win outcomes; the only sustainable paradigm. Lockwood and van Geldern share their experiences conceptualizing and launching an innovative business model in which everyone who participates wins. Can’t get much better than that. It’s under the category of “Best Practices of Humankind” in my book. Love to know your thoughts.”

D.B. Lichtstrahl
Amazon Book Review


“This book [Regenerating America] make so much sense. Simple and brilliant path to a new regenerative world. I also like the idea that it applies to anyone, if you’re young, old or business owner. Really liked it.”

Susan Kaminski
Amazon Book Review


“An Incredible book to shift the Masses. ESSENCE is like a map for Soul work. A simple, yet profound guide of Informative steps to awaken to Heart Centered Living. I will definitely recommend this book to many of my clients.”

Robert Gibbs
Shaman/ Artist
Amazon Book Review


“[ESSENCE offers] Wonderful assistance if you’re feeling stuck–or even if you’re not. Forty-four simple Essences– reminders and affirmations –offer a new clarity of focus and practical seeds for transitioning out of fear and into living from your infinite self in love, freedom and joy.”

Nancy Butler-Ross
Co-author of Meditation Express: Stress Relief in 60 Seconds Flat
Amazon Book Review


The title of Ann Emerson’s book, ESSENCE, A Gateway to eXpansive Living, says it well. It addresses all the essentials of the human search for meaning from awareness, purpose and wisdom to divine will, love and unity. The book is uniquely interactive with its reader and is a profound confirmation of the Oneness of all. It serves as a powerful spiritual guiding tool for each of us as individuals, as well as for an ever evolving consciousness of the human species in a challenging and rapidly changing world.

Dr. Hans B. Hallundbaek
 Presbyterian Minister
Amazon Book Review

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