Brand Educating: 21st Century Brand Building


Enterprises Discover New Ways to Create Profitable Revenue Streams

We educate leaders, managers, employees, and entrepreneurs about 21st century brand building, which is the framework utilized in building a 21st century enterprise.

Until the leaders of an enterprise transform themselves, it is impossible for the enterprise to transform. We help leaders and entrepreneurs discover who they really are, stepping into their essence as spiritual beings with infinite potential to unleash.


Our team of collaborators educate leaders, managers, employees, and entrepreneurs about how to transform themselves, bring their “new brand image of themselves in existence. Through their speaking their truth authentically, there a more effective contributor to the enterprise. When people expand their awareness and broaden their perspective, self-worth, self-confidence and unstoppable creativity emerges.

I work with a team of people, facilitating professional development experiences that literally transform cultures. Through combining eXpansive Awareness and eXpansive entrepreneurship, people are empowered like never before. Our eXpansive development experiences are based on the most progressive, cutting-edge information known. We guarantee (through our performance-based pricing model) this will be a transformational experience like no other.

To clarify, upon confirming an eXpansive development experience, 50% is due. The remaining balance plus travel expenses (billed at cost) are due immediately upon completion of the experience (except for the Leadership experience, where 25% is due at the 3-month milestone, and the remaining 25% is due at the 6-month milestone). We guarantee our value per our Performance-Based Pricing Model—if we deliver less than “exceptional” results, then you pay based on your experience of value received. This is a 21st century business practice based on fair exchange.

eXpansive Leadership Experience…

Level I: $10,000 per LeadereXpansive Leadership Experience
Level II: $25,000 per Leader
Level III: $50,000 per Leader

This is a transformational experience that elevates the awareness of leaders. This experience is for the key leaders of the enterprise.

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eXpansive Manager Experience…

Level I: $5,000 per ManagerManager
Level II: $12,500 per Manager
Level III: $25,000 per Manager

This transformational experience that elevates the awareness of managers, empowering them to maximize their effectiveness in their role.

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eXpansive Entrepreneur Experience…

Level I: $100 per EntrepreneurEntrepreneur
Level II: $1,000 per Entrepreneur
Level III: $2,500 per Entrepreneur

21st Century Enterprises view their employees as entrepreneurs, empowering their creativity, decision making, and risk taking.

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In Summary

A lack of collaboration, ingenuity and innovation has stunted the growth of many U.S. enterprises, their culture, and our country, primarily due to the constrictive behaviors and policies instituted by those in power. Quickly change the tonality within the culture by doing what’s right, so the organization will thrive. Every experience possesses the power to inspire, bringing forth a huge breathe of fresh air.

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