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Inspired People & Enterprises are More Productive and Profitable Compared to Those That are Not

We inspire entrepreneurs to unleash their power from within, building dynamic brand images that have a confident existence.

There are two areas of visionary branding that we specifically focus our energy…

Visionary Brand Advising

The first is our visionary brand advising. I am a member of a team of collaborators, whose mission is to help enterprises unleash the dormant energy of their cultures to thrive. More specifically, we create visionary branding strategies with leaders about how to build a 21st century enterprise based on its purpose and mission; while releasing the untapped power of their people through building an authentic and transparent culture.

We work with leaders who have the courage to integrate the science of transformation with spiritual principles (i.e. transparency, trust, gratitude, purpose, bravery, forgiveness, authenticity, truth) into their enterprise’s culture, as these are essential to unleashing the pent-up energy that exists within nearly every enterprise across the United States. 


Every interaction and touchpoint a customer, stakeholder or constituent experiences impacts an organization’s brand image. What too many leaders overlook is the reality that the external brand image in the marketplace is most effectively managed from the inside-out. Meaning, as an organization transforms, its brand image strengthens internally and externally.

Our branding team’s collective strengths include visionary brand strategy, human identity, sustainability, regenerative design, leadership development, cultural engagement, personal development, and spiritual awareness.

Visionary brand advising engagements have a minimum investment of $25,000. Upon confirming the visionary brand advising engagement, 50% is due. The remaining balance plus travel expenses (billed at cost) are due immediately upon completion of the engagement. For multi-year engagements, we structure the engagement and balance of payments in milestones. We guarantee our value per our Performance-Based Pricing Model—if we deliver less than “exceptional” results, then you pay based on your experience of value received. This is a 21st century business practice based on fair ehange.

Brand Authority Authentication

The second area of focus is our Brand Authority Authentication service, whereby we are able to have any entrepreneur quoted on local affiliate websites of NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX. This empowers the entrepreneur, because they are now able to leverage all of the respective network media logos in any or all of their personal branding and marketing efforts. Through serving entrepreneurs in the building of their personal brand authority, we help in strengthening their credibility, elevating their status, fueling their momentum, heightening their attraction, thus growing themselves and their businesses. Brand A Brand Authority Authentication has an investment requirement  of $1,000-$2,500, depending on the  number of networks you intend to be quoted on. For more information, go to

Any objective view of the current path of humanity sees that we are at a critical crossroads, experiencing a widening abyss between the exponential advance of technology and the free-fall of individual and collective happiness, and the trashing of the planet. This path is steeped in the perpetuation of a world view and model based on the paradigm of scarcity, separateness, greed, poverty, stress, and suffering.


This is not sustainable and we are on a collision course toward global destruction.


Or are we?


There is an upwelling of folks on this planet who see the futility of holding onto this unsustainable old paradigm framework and are actively co-creating something completely new – a whole new paradigm based on abundance, oneness, balance, contribution, fulfilment and Joy.


Bo Lockwood is a shining example of this new vision. Bo has coalesced this powerful new thinking into a co-creation methodology to transform and REgenerate your enterprise into the new paradigm. And in doing so, open to a whole new potential to manifest holistic eXpansion where individual fulfillment collectively drives sustainable, thriving enterprise growth, while powerfully contributing to clients, markets, communities, and humanity.


You must invite Bo in to share his transformational vision and methodology – where you can flip your pyramid organization structure and unleash the explosive, individual and collective, creative, entrepreneurial energy of your enterprise, as you ride the wave of the transformational co-creation of the new energy economy.


Gerry St. Onge
President, Focus-Hire LLC


Discovery Process: Determining Organizational Fit

Not every organization is the right fit for the type of work we perform, nor is our style the right fit for every organization. We offer a Discovery Process, whereby I visit the organization for a full-day, meeting with the CEO (and possibly other executives), to determine whether an organizational fit is present. This day may extend from 6am (if a breakfast meeting is warranted) until 9pm (if a dinner meeting is warranted). The investment for the Discovery Process is $10,000 plus travel expenses (billed at cost). 

My Uniqueness as a Visionary Brand Advisor

I am a multi-faceted brand advisor that has a unique profile of experiences, talents, insights, and knowledge. I have an intuitive nature, which is helpful when I advise organizations in meaningful ways. I have a brand advising practice based on 21st Century Brand Building.

I work only with organizations that aspire to build a 21st century enterprise, which has an authentic and empowered culture, strengthening both their internal and external brand images. Specifically, I work with leaders and managers who aspire to build a thriving organization that is fueled by authentic leadership, as well as a genuine purpose and mission. I don’t invest my time and resources with organizations other than this.

My Experiences

At the age of 22, I started, and aggressively built the largest event rental company in Philadelphia, with over 150 employees and 3 warehouses. I sold the company at the age of 32, and went on to spend nearly a decade as a Partner with the Gallup Poll. I worked with many Fortune 500 companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Honeywell, Merck, and Campbell’s Soup Company. I went on to help lead the U.S. Higher Education Division, working with Presidents of colleges and universities to help strengthen their institution’s brand.

GALLUP Business Journal:  Building a Brand in Higher Education

GALLUP Business Journal:  Transformational Change in Higher Education

In 2008, I discovered my life’s purpose of Regenerating America, resigned from Gallup, and founded, building an (inverted) organization based on 21st century business.

In 2013, I co-authored my first book, Regenerating America, and published with Inkwell Productions in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In 2014, I co-authored my second book, ESSENCE, A Gateway to eXpansive Living, and published with 21st Century Publishing in Princeton, New Jersey.

I am currently writing my third book, The 21st Century Alchemist, and in 2016, will be published with 21st Century Publishing in Princeton, New Jersey.

My Talents

My talents are unique in that my greatest strength is to transform something that is “good” into something that is “superb.” My ability to think strategically creates alternative ways to proceed.  My style is to “go with the flow,” and tend to be in the “now,” discovering the future one day at a time. Yet, my futuristic strength enables me to inspire others with my visions of the future. And, my keen sense of responsibility empowers me to take psychological ownership of what I say I will do. I am committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty.

My Knowledge

My knowledge of business is vast. Through growing and operating my own (blue-collar) business, advising Fortune 500 companies, learning about and applying behavioral economics, and becoming spiritually awakened, I possess the knowledge and wisdom to offer numerous ideas for progressive companies to consider.

In Summary

My uniqueness as a visionary brand advisor defines me. I surround myself with excellent teammates. Together, the strength of our collaborative branding team is infinite.

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