About Lockwood

Who am I?

I’m a dedicated American whose life’s purpose is to collaborate in Regenerating America. Our country is at a precarious point in history, and a shift to a new way of conducting business is necessary for the regeneration of America to occur. Enterprises are the economic engine that will contribute to this shift through the transformation of their leaders and cultures. My role is helping leaders discover new ways to inspire infinite creativity throughout their culture, executing their visions into reality, unleashing their enterprise to thrive.

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My life completely changed when I expanded my awareness to believe that we are an aspect of the infinite Universe. Therefore, we are infinite; everything is possible, and everything is solvable. I now live an eXpansive life without fear, doubt and worry. My passion is to help others do the same… – Bo 

The Context of My Passion

The state of consciousness, or story, that describes the United States of America is one of hopelessness, fear, doubt, stress, and worry, toppled with being constantly reminded about our exorbitant national debt, a poor job market, unstable financial markets, and how employers continually have the upper-handcontrolling their workers through the traditional (and obsolete) top-down business model.

It’s time we abandon this type of constrictive life, as things haven’t turned out too well, especially for the (eroding) middle class. In addition, the mass of America is not paying attention to the long-term impact of our current behaviors, not realizing that we are simply destroying the Earth. We are too distracted by all of the financial uncertainty. It’s time we are traversing to a nation of eXpansive Living, thus regenerating ourselves, our country, and the world.

What My Work Entails

The spokenLockwood Speaking word holds the power to awaken a culture. I speak with enterprises, awakening their cultures through discovery, inspiration, and creativity. A vision of hope emerges, empowering each person to contribute to the enterprise through their own personal transformation. I also speak with college students to educate them about becoming eXpansive Entrepreneurs, following their hearts, passions and visions for a better world.   Learn more >>


Lockwood AdvisingMission-driven enterprises are more productive and profitable compared to those that are not. I am a member of a team of collaborators, whose mission is to help enterprises unleash the dormant energy of their cultures to thrive. More specifically, we strategically advise leaders about how to build their enterprise’s brand based on its mission and purpose, while releasing the untapped power of their people through building an authentic and transparent culture.   Learn more >>


Lockwood Educating

Enterprises discover new ways to create profitable revenue streams.  Our team of collaborators educate leaders, managers, employees, and entrepreneurs about how to transform themselves, becoming a more effective contributor to the enterprise. When people expand their awareness and broaden their perspective, self-worth, self-confidence and unstoppable creativity emerges.   Learn more >>



The written word holds the power to transform people. As an accomplished brand advisor and author, I collaborate with CEOs to “ghostwrite” their vision for their enterprise, industry, and themselves in the form of a published book. This is a highly effective brand strategy tool for the employees, leadership and customers to align and connect with the vision, mission, purpose, and direction of the enterprise. This helps to build a unified and authentic culture through clarity and transparency. I also publish my own books to help people learn about how to transform themselves.    Learn more >>

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